Another new one hits the streets……the all-new Modulare D-Series.  Available in 19-22″ diameters and virtually any width, the D-Series utilizes an all-new 2-piece configuration, with a concave profile that is custom tailored to each application.  This new configuration consists of a unique forged outer half which is then fastened to a traditional 3-piece inner barrel…this gives the end user the appearance and light weight of a Monoblock wheel, but combined with option of visible hardware (and the additional color customization options that go with it), plus the versatility of unlimited width options where Monoblock forgings may not be available.  The end user specifies the layout of the assembly hardware, with a choice of fully exposed hardware, fully hidden, or 50/50…and titanium hardware can also be specified at an extra cost.

Although we started off with just one style to launch the series (the D31), any of the other Modulare styles from any of the other series are also available in this configuration by special request, and custom styles are also available on a case-by-case basis.  The Modulare D-Series is now available for immediate ordering, so please contact us with any questions or for more information.