Modulare Wheels is proud to announce the addition of our D-Series “Duoblock” 2-Piece Forged Wheels to our current lineup for 2018.  The D-Series are built by mating a custom T6-6061 Forged Monoblock outer with a three-piece inner barrel, creating a highly diverse concave offering for all applications.  The objective is to provide a lightweight performance option and combine the strength and appearance of a monoblock wheel with the flexibility of a 3-piece application.  The user also has the ability to configure the visual aspect of the hardware to be fully exposed for a more aggressive sporty appearance, fully hidden for a cleaner more luxurious look, or 50/50 which is right in the middle.

The Modulare D-Series is now available in 19, 20, 21, and 22″ diameters for most vehicle applications.  The designs are not limited to just what you see here, we can build any of our other designs in this new configuration, and custom designs are available upon request.