Why Choose Modulare?

Handcrafted in the United States

Since its inception in 2004, Modulare Forged has been manufacturing a growing collection of multi-piece and monoblock forged wheels using the highest quality materials available.  Each set of Modulare Wheels is tailor-made to order with each customer’s own unique specifications, right here in the USA, from start to finish.  Available sizes range from 18-24”, depending on style and application.


We firmly believe that a custom set of wheels should not only enhance the look of a vehicle, but perform exceptionally – all while reflecting your personal style.  Our less-is-more design approach is well-suited to luxury and exotic machines and compliments the aesthetics of any vehicle – never overpowering it – with enduring style that looks good for decades. With dozens of styles available, we have something to offer nearly any personal preference.

Fitment Experts

Proper wheel fitment for each application is one of the most important elements in a set of custom wheels.  Our team of experts have a combined 48 years of experience in the custom wheel industry, and we can help you set up the perfect fitment for your vehicle and tailor it to your liking.

Our team uses a hands-on approach when collecting vehicle data and analyzing it to create new fitments.

We can tweak any setup to accommodate specific brake kits, suspension modifications, widebody conversions, or other custom fitment requirements our clients have.

Only The Very Best Raw Materials

T6-6061 aerospace grade forged aluminum is the integral component in our wheel manufacturing process.  Our material is exclusively of US origin, forged and heat treated right here in California, which is a result of our commitment to utilizing only the highest quality raw materials available.  This dedication defines the safety and quality of every wheel we manufacture.

Quality over Quantity

Each wheel is built to order, ensuring the perfect fitment, quality, and individuality with each set we produce.  Yes, this means there will be a bit of a wait time for your order, but we will never cut corners in an effort to produce orders at a faster pace.


As with most manufacturing, the quality of the overall finished product is determined by the initial quality of the raw materials.  Once the aerospace grade T6-6061 forged material arrives to our facility, each part is carefully inspected prior to being turned to the correct profile on the lathe.

Each Monoblock wheel or 3-piece wheel center is individually milled on a HAAS CNC mill, based off our specific engineering process and design – right here in the USA.  Once the machined parts are ready, they are looked over by quality control to ensure the proper technical specs before going off to pre-polishing, where the parts are de-burred and prepped for the final finish.  This process, while overlooked by many, is critical to ensure the quality and appearance of the final finish.  After the pre-polish phase, the wheels are ultrasonically cleaned and the final finish is then applied.  In the case of multi-piece products, the wheels are hand-assembled, trued, and torqued, before going through final Quality Control.

Quality Control

With perfection in mind, every aspect of each wheel, from the technical specifications to the finish quality, is inspected by our technicians at all stages of the manufacturing and finish process. Additionally, our experts are constantly developing process improvements and striving for perfection, dedicated to delivering the best possible product.

Modulare Forged Wheels are backed by a 2-year limited warranty and are proudly designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

Customer Service

Personalized order assistance and unmatched  fitment expertise are just the beginning of what we offer each client . We are also here for after-sales support and service – just a phone call or an e-mail away. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist you in creating the perfect set of wheels.

Custom Finishes

We offer a dynamic range of finishes to meet your design objectives and unique specifications. From subtle, opaque powder coat finishes, traditional triple-chrome plating, or even hand polished or brushed finishes utilizing semi-transparent powdercoat finishes, we constantly strive to innovate and offer our clients unique, durable, and practical finish options.

Explore the vehicle gallery for inspiration, and then spec your own in our unique wheel in our configurator section.